Annapolis Basin

The Annapolis Basin is a beautiful body of sheltered water which is entered from the Bay of Fundy by the way of Digby Gut, a narrow channel with cliffs on both sides. The tides in the Basin average an amazing 26 feet, and the current of the ebb and flood tide through the Gut can reach speeds of up to 6 knots.

The Basin is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and dotted with many historic sites and small towns and villages which are home to many of the better known artisans of Nova Scotia. You will find painters, sculptors, potters, ship modellers, rug hookers, antique stores and other interesting craft stores.

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The Annapolis Basin and surrounding area has the most temperate climate in Eastern Canada, and is free of the dramatic changes to the weather which occurs in most of the North East region of North America. There is something for everyone here, from fly-fishing in pristine streams, to whale watching in the Bay, shopping for antiques at a leisurely pace or simply relaxing and watching the tide.

Local Artists and Artisans

This site contains information designed to promote tourism and help visitors or would-be visitors become acquainted with the area. It is also dedicated to promoting the work of the artisans and crafts people of the Annapolis Basin and surrounding areas.